I have nothing to write about.

My brain is devoid of ideas, all creative juices used up.

My hands are resting on the keyboard, the fingers moving from key to key.

My left foot is rested on the ground. My right foot is stomping, the flip-flops embracing it making a sound.

My body is still, unresponsive, maybe just doing their bodily functions.

My eyes are staring at the laptop screen. Blink, blink, still stuck in a creative rut.

The fan is releasing hot, hot air. Definitely doesn’t help with enduring the heat.

The sweat is building up everywhere. Under the ears, under the arms, under the knee–you name it.

The table is wobbling, shaking my phone, shaking my notebook, shaking my laptop.

The cursor and I play a staring contest.

I win this time. I win.

Did I just say I have nothing to write about? Yes.

I really had nothing to write about, until my friend chatted me on Skype:

My friend is a helpful fellow.

Yes, I set up a childish font in Skype.

The idea was bizarre. Well, at least I finally wrote something in my blog after making it around a month ago.


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