A not-so-usual thirty-five degrees Celsius morning

I opened my eyes. It’s already morning.

I hurriedly started finding my phone. I kept it under my pillow before dozing off–where is it right now?

I sat on my bed, like an Indian

I grabbed the two pillows in my bed–no trace of my phone. The only things I saw was my planner, my pen, and my PSP.

(You can tell me I’m weird because I keep a lot of things under my pillows.)

I squinted my eyes, trying to see things clearer. It’s just my blurry vision, I thought.

A minute passed by and I gave up. It must have been fallen from my bed.

I hanged my legs to the edge of the bed. Like a little kid, I slid and landed to the lower bunk bed.

I went down and went to the dresser at the corner of the room.

There was a blue-and-brown thing there. My glasses!

I wore it, and my vision wasn’t that of an unfocused camera anymore.

Beside it was my phone. My mom must have put it there, I thought.

I went out of the room. A glowing 8:42 from our clock welcomed me.

Hungry, I went to the dining table. There was whole-wheat bread and Nutella.

I’m not going to eat breakfast, I thought. I didn’t like the thought of eating whole-wheat bread with Nutella.

Suddenly there was a voice.

“Bei, eat your  breakfast! We’ll go at eleven-forty-five.” Oh, my sister.

I slowly took a slice of the bread. Just think that Nutella will make everything better, I thought.

I took a spoon, opened the jar of the hazelnut spread, and scooped a big blob of the chocolate-colored thing.

Slowly I put the blob in the slice of bread, making sure that everything goes into the brown bread.

I closed the jar, put the spoon on top, and folded the slice of bread.

I took a bite. It wasn’t bad.

Until I felt the hard stuff that’s inserted in every slice of whole-wheat bread.

Thinking that it would be bad to waste food, I just ate the whole thing, and drank a glass of water.

I licked off the smears of Nutella on my lips.

I guess Nutella really makes everything better, I thought, as I walked towards our study room.

Today’s a nice, nice morning! I just got five followers on my first day of actually blogging.

I’m still in awe because they’re really, really good writers. I read some of their entries (haven’t followed them back–I will later, when I get home) and they write so good. I’m actually thinking why they even followed me, being a not-so-good newbie in the blogosphere, and one that’s obviously a teen. I guess it doesn’t really matter? I don’t know. *laughs*

I’m looking forward to writing more things here and improving my writing skills!

Thanks to these awesome people who followed me (and had faith in my writing skills): charlottecarrendar, Opinionated Man, Cristian Mihai, cherylmoore and Michael Armstrong.


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