A rainy Friday

It was six in the afternoon already. The sun was setting soon, and it’s raining.

I pulled the curtains away from the window, and pushed the metal crank on the side of our jalousie window. The metal screen is already full of dust, mentally telling me that we never cleaned the screen even once after we moved in here around two years ago.

I looked out the window. The scent of wet grass and soil caught my attention first, before the sight of our neighbor’s house. I inhaled more air, the scent of nature stuck in my mind. The wet road was the next thing I noticed. There were raindrops falling in it, making the black asphalt even darker. There were also dried leaves scattered, mostly on our front yard. Some were yellow, and some were brown. Looking at it, my first thought was that if you stepped on it, a crunching sound would be heard.

At the front yard of our neighbor stood a tall coconut tree. Even with the sunset making the atmosphere look a bit sepia-toned, it was obvious that a lot of its leaves were very green. However, two or three branches were full of dried and dead ones. I didn’t get worried, though. There were a lot of coconuts stuck in the top of the trunk, and I was amazed. It was my first time to see a coconut tree in the cities that actually bears fruits.

A clap of thunder was the next thing I sensed. Around this time, the scent of wet grass and soil (sometimes I call it the scent of rain) already filled our study room. That was when I noticed a lot of trees that were behind our neighbor’s house. I couldn’t tell what kind of trees those were, because I’m not familiar with them and I could only see the trees’ topmost part. Only then did I notice that there were a whole bunch of trees.

My eyes were just fixated at one point, when it should be fixated at the whole point.

People tend to focus on the little details and not the big picture.

However, we should all know first what the whole thing is, before looking at the small things in it and making a judgment about it. It applies to everything, from simple things such as buying pens to major decisions such as marrying someone. From there, we can think of all the possibilities (they’re endless, by the way) and draw the best conclusion.

Here’s another daily prompt! I wasn’t really able to stitch all thoughts together, I think. But I hope I can improve!


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